A recent trip to Campbell River found me photographing a very interesting fellow balancing rocks near Willow Point at low tide, a past time he has been doing his whole life. Brad had travelled specifically from Vancouver to stay at the Travel Lodge across from the beach for the sole purpose of balancing rocks, he says “it is hard to find good decent rocks to balance and I have found Campbell River to be the best around the world (that is of course in my travels), and the biggest reason is that they are glacially formed sculpture, millions of years of being ground under tonnage of ice into shapes we don’t normally see”.

Balancing Rocks

Brad carefully and efficiently creating a family of balanced rocks, when he was done, his creations numbered about twenty or so and could be seen until the tide returned. This family of rocks were the only surviving members of the high tide!

What a pleasure it is to meet and experience such amazing people doing what they love to do! Check out Brad’s funky video he put together of his most recent “rock adventure”: