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Antarctica In-Depth: A Photographer’s Journey

A must-see presentation for those interested in nature photography and for anyone sharing a passion for outdoor and adventure travel. Noted Photographer Boomer Jerritt regularly travels south….way down south, and his exploits in Antarctica and Svalbard as a photographer on expedition ships has recently been featured in National Geographic’s Traveler magazine.  

Antarctica-In Depth concentrates on two regions, the Antarctic Peninsula a heavily glaciated environment of snow and ice stretching northwards like a finger from the hand of the “white continent”.  Wildlife encounters here include feeding humpback whales, Pelagic Seabirds including the Wandering Albatross with a wingspan of upwards of 3.5 meter, various species of seals including the leopard seal, and of course, those funny, curious penguins!  South Georgia the main island within the South Sandwich Island chain is remote and foreboding, sawtooth mountains rise from the Southern Ocean to a height of over 9,000 ft.  South Georgia is often referred to as the “Serengeti” of the polar world, the penguin colony of St. Andrews alone boasts a population of over 250,000 breeding pairs of King Penguins, “It’s like being dropped off by a helicopter into a zoo with no fences and you are free to roam amongst wildlife who have no natural fear of you”

Boomers stories of his travels, experiences and ship-board life play host to regularly sold out audiences, his lectures are tinged with humor but are also meant to be thought provoking!  “If I can contribute to the ongoing campaign of others who are helping to create an awareness for this wild and fragile polar region of our planet and help to create ambassadors for change, I will have done my little part within the bigger picture”.

I look forward to an evening of sharing stories and photographs with you!

The presentation is approximately 90 minutes long with some pretty “cool” door prizes! Start time is 7pm, doors open at 6:30pm. Advance tickets are $18.00ea and are available at https://strathconaphotography.com/events/  or $20.00 at the door, cash only.

Partial proceeds from this event are going to support the Powell River Climbing Co-op.

Date:  Tuesday, March 10th, 2020

Where:  The Max Cameron Theatre, Brooks Secondary School | 5400 Marine Avenue | Powell River

Start time:  Doors open at 6:30pm.  Presentation starts @ 7pm.

Advance tickets: $18.00ea www.strathconaphotography.com  or $20.00 at the door, cash only.