Antarctica-In Depth


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The Antarctic Peninsula and South Georgia

Photographer Boomer Jerritt, regularly travels south…way down south, to the Antarctic Peninsula and to South Georgia in the South Sandwich Islands aboard expedition cruise ships with One Ocean Expeditions as Photographer in Residence. Along with incredible landscape and wildlife images, Antarctica-In Depth takes you to destinations steeped in history covering the heroic age of Antarctic exploration, Boomers stories of his travels and ship board life are tinged with humor yet also thought provoking. Antarctica – In Depth helps to foster knowledge and hopefully create ambassadors of the audience for this wild and fragile polar region of our planet.

This must see presentation is approximately 90 minutes long including a question and answer period. Start time is 7pm, doors open at 6:30pm. Advance tickets are $18.00ea or $30 for couples. $20.00 at the door, cash only.