This past season I facilitated a Photo-Tour with ten other photographers in conjunction with Mother Ship Adventures to Photograph the Fjordland region of British Columbia’s North Central Coast.  Big country, incredible wildlife and scenic opportunities for the Photographer.  This tour sold out and will in be running again next year, probably in June.


Jim Mahoney, our Oregonian connection with the “gear” at the head of Mussel Inlet.


This young wolf was as much interested in us as we were in him, although he seems a bit preoccupied here. A real treat to see these beautiful animals in the wild, it made the trip!


Lot’s of Griz!! Yup they would always win in a fight!


This area is not called Fjordland for nothing, we watched as waterfalls plummeted off the top of these 2500 ft monsters straight into the sea dissipating into mist before reaching the water.


Fog and mist shroud the upper heights of these huge granite monoliths, one surely feels small in this environment.


Columbia III our mothership, steams from underneath the granite cliffs in Kynoch Inlet


Luke our intrepid guide peers into a large ice cave created with the running water from underneath a large snow field at the bottom of a cliff in Kynoch Inlet


The beautiful front façade of the Bighouse in Klemtu


We spent an early morning at an extremely low tide near Dodwell Island, the resulting display of inter-tidal life was truly incredible!

Columbia III evening

Evening sets in on this beautiful part of the World, lucky to have witnessed it!