Here are a few images form the latest Great Bear Rainforest Photography Workshop I facilitated last month with an enthusiastic group of participants and fantastic crew from Mothership Adventures Columbia III.  A great trip ~  weather was awesome,  and we saw a ton of wildlife: griz, killer whales coming up to the boat, a family of killer whales sleeping (if you can believe it!), sea otters and humpback whales, all within the incredible landscape of  BC’s North Central Coast.  An amazing experience all around!


We pulled Columbia III in close to this particular waterfall, allowing folks to get up and personal with the fresh water, camera’s beware!


Awww! Coffee, early morning sunup. A break form the busy photographic schedule was appreciated by all. We were pulling 14 hr days at one point!


Always a treat for folks to view Grizzly Bears in the wild. This character was not more than 50 yds away, stay close together, keep quiet and the bears pretty much keep to themselves. This fellow was up at the head of Mussel Inlet.

Cute little buggers!

Cute little buggers!

KynochVertical Panarama

In Kynoch Inlet a waterfall cascading down the cliff face dwarfs the Columbia III, many of the waterfalls turn into a mist before hitting the waters far below them.


April, the youngest on the trip, was a real treat. I’ve never seen a photographer so motivated to see wolves!! She cycled from Campbell River to Port Hardy with all her gear to make the trip. She’s gonna go far!


Our trip this year was amazing as always and even featured a Swiss connection, Bernie form Kappel, near Solothurn, here she catches the last light of the day near Goose Island.


Beautiful landscapes, mediterranean-like scenics greet the photographers arriving at the McMullin Group.


Steve, our guide and zodiak officianado, was a real entertainer and quite adept at playing the banjo. Good times aboard the Columbia III!


Gourmet meals with Erin the chef; salmon wrapped in phyllo pastry ~ amazing what that small galley turns out for upwards of 12 people ~ three squares a day aboard Columbia III!

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The Group!! A great mix of ages and travelers from Canada, USA and Switzerland. Here we pose for a group shot while visiting the McMullin Group of islands ~ beautiful, incredible white sand with a Cayman Island-like environment!

Warm and welcoming Columbia III, after an evening shoot with the group!

The warm and welcoming Columbia III, after an evening shoot with the group!