Myself and Karen McKinnon launch our newly formed partnership, “illuminate” a photo education arm borne out of our two individual Commercial Photography venture’s.  We  both still operate own respective Photography business’s but also recognized the need for photo education, folks just don’t learn through reading confusing manuals!  We are thrilled to be able to offer these workshops and field trip’s throughout the years to come.  “illuminate’s website will be up and running this fall, so keep checking on my blog as well as Karen’s @ McKinnon

Paint the night marketing piece

Entrails #2

Four images combine to produce a trail of light and a mountain biker riding through “entrails”, a fun trail in Cumberland. Each image was created with a different lighting scenario in mind, good fun at night!!

September 13th,6:45- 9:45  Paint the Night  $85.00

Night photography begins as the sun sets, darkness creeps in and we engage the night-time, cameras ready to record our creative thoughts and ideas.  Our mind and our thought’s turn inwards!

Join Boomer and Karen on this fun, creative field trip, where you will learn techniques that will expand your creative vision and explore ideas on using your camera in a new and exciting way with star trails, long exposures, painting with light, ghosts, mixed light sources and other fun ideas.  This field trip is best suited to photographers with DSLRs, point and shoots are not recommended for this fieldtrip.  A sturdy tripod is necessary and a cable release is recommended.

“Yin and Yang, Karen and Boomer, instant chemistry.” – Ian 

“The day in the field with who I think are the two masters of their field in photography on Vancouver Island, the field trip was exciting, eventful, educational and best of all lots of fun,” – Dave 

“This course was absolutely amazing. I  have never had so much fun learning about this stuff. Your passion fuelled the fire in me and set me up to take the kind of photos I want to take. Thank you for your patience. I am definitely taking another course with you.”- Kaitlin