Each year I run a one day trip during the full moon in June or July to the Discovery Island group, here the fast flowing tides, up to 13 knots, create a feast for Eagles diving into the fast moving waters around Jimmy Judd and Aaron Rapids to scoop up fish pushed up towards the surface.  Truly one of Nature’s spectacles!


This trip was filled with the eager Photographers from the Oceanside Camera Club, and although the show was not a full as expected, (welcome to Nature Photography) folks still had fun with the show and arrival of two large Bull Killer Whales to round out the day.


Got em!! With a 300 2.8 and Canon MKIII at 12 frames a second, I better get em!!


If you look close this fellow’s eyes are closed, now that’s confidence!


Remember that there are many ways to skin the cat, so to speak. Try panning, if done correctly it is just as effective as catching peak action with a fast shutter speed in creating excitement in your photographs!


Two large killer whales, brothers we were told with dorsal fins over 6ft high showed up and created more excitement for Photography, when photographing these beautiful animals, trying to get into a backlit situation against a dark background creates visual dynamic in this particular situation.


I never get bored of Photographing Eagles in flight!! Till next Year!